Maysoun Ramadan knows that not every woman has been as lucky as her.

She works for a company committed to supporting women – and has made the most of every opportunity she has been given.

“I have got the chance to change countries, roles, responsibilities and have also been [promoted] to a leadership position. That is only because we have it as a culture in our company,“ says Ms Ramadan, 33, who is now Roche Diagnostics’ communication manager for the Middle East.

“The company makes sure that the only reason it promotes someone is because of their competency, regardless of their gender,“ adds Ms Ramadan, who is half-Jordanian, half- Turkish and has been living in Dubai for the past six years.

Yet Roche may be in the minority, because according to a study about gender parity in the UAE, not all women are afforded equal opportunities in the workplace.

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