Departer – The German Headhunter – is the German market leader in the MENA region.

We specialise in filling vacancies for German companies active abroad with professionals of all nationalities through the internationally oriented Departer career network.

Departer – The German Headhunter – focusses on the recruitment and placement of profesionals at German companies’ international locations. Our long-standing presence in the UAE makes us experts in the regional processing of HR projects throughout the Middle East and North Africa. The Departer career network is highly frequented due to the significant reputation of German companies abroad, meaning that for years we have had a constantly growing pool of international candidates at our disposal. We are able to present and recommend a constant number of highly qualified candidate to our corporate clients through our globally networked recruiting channels.

Our particular strength lies in networking with regional candidates in key markets in the Middle East (MENA) and Australia. Candidates value the fact that our clients are part of the German economy.

Another special feature of Departer is the ARRIVER D-A-CH concept, which we have developed for German executives with long-standing positions abroad and who wish to continue their career in Germany. In times of skill shortages, the ARRIVER concept has developed into a successful instrument for our clients to recruit specialists and managers worldwide for their locations in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. We are completely internationally oriented for business: multinational professionals for foreign locations – as market leaders in the MENA region and Australia – and international specialists and German overseas returnees for the D-A-CH region.

Departer – The German Headhunter – takes a pioneering role in the global job market with its focus on country-specific HR projects and targeted recruiting tools.

Departer – Country-specific HR solutions for foreign subsidiaries

We represent you as regional partner and ensure the successful implementation of your HR projects at all corporate levels.

Departer – The German Headhunter - HR solutions in the MENA region

HR solutions in the MENA region

As a market leader with a presence in Dubai, we talk to candidates in the Middle East on your behalf.

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Departer – The German Headhunter - HR solutions in Australia

HR solutions in Australia

We work with a specially tailored market portfolio of recruitment options for the successful recruitment of qualified staff in Australia.

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Departer – The German Headhunter - HR solutions in China

HR solutions in China

Our German-Chinese executive search consultants have been cultivating personal connections with business leaders in the regional country organisations for many years.

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Departer – The German Headhunter - HR solutions in D-A-CH

HR solutions in D-A-CH

Our ARRIVER concept for overseas returnees means we have access to candidates who are right for positions often classified as hard to fill in the D-A-CH region.

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Businesses – topic selection

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Departer Middle East

Our longstanding presence in Dubai has made us an excellently networked partner for HR solutions in the MENA region.

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Departer Australia

We are a reliable regional partner as a German-language recruitment consultancy active in Australia.

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Departer China

We are a reliable regional partner as a German-language recruitment consultancy active in China.

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Departer D-A-CH

The ARRIVER concept offers access to first-class candidate profiles of German overseas returnees and top international professionals.

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Cooperation with Departer

We only present candidates that we would employ ourselves. You can rely on our unconditional quality.

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References and HR projects

Departer is a recognised partner of numerous companies and institutions within the German economy.

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Candidate profiles

Professionals on the Departer career network present their anonymous profiles during their passive job search.

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Begin HR inquiry

Do you want to find out more about our HR projects and the way we work? Please contact us and one of our experts for your target region will get in touch with you immediately.

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HR and Salary Report 2017

In cooperation with the German-Emirati Joint Council for Industry & Commerce (AHK) in Dubai, we publish an HR & salary report for the United Arab Emirates.

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