The Departer ARRIVER concept

International candidate acquisition for your company locations in Germany, Austria and Switzerland

Departer maintains one of the most extensive career networks with an excellent portfolio of overseas returnees, international professionals and passive search candidates. Due to demographic changes and the “war for talent” we specifically focus on addressing target groups that often move outside the classic candidate market as future service providers for your company.

We focus on three groups of applicants and, through our internationally oriented application management, have access to candidates who are pre-qualified and right for positions often classified as hard to fill in the D-A-CH region.

ARRIVER – oversees returnees

The expertise of professionals with international experience is more in demand than ever at companies in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Based on our international structures, Departer’s ARRIVER concept, which has been in place since 2009, enables German professionals from around the world to return to Germany.

We act as an interface beyond national borders and actively promote the best possible communication between companies and candidates.The Departer careers network is an internationally highly frequented portal for people from Germany, Austria and Switzerland working abroad.

With this concept, Departer offers its clients access to a sought-after target group of qualified professionals with international experience and intercultural competence.

International specialists

We actively recruit top talent from abroad – especially in the MINT professions – for hard-to-fill positions.

Our multilingual recruitment consultants maintain these contacts intensively and operate as bridge builders between German-speaking companies and candidates in the international arena.

Passive search candidates

The high frequency of qualified potential candidates enables the targeted support of applicants looking for a new challenge but prefer to search the job market passively.

These change-oriented professionals have relevant work experience, special country and language skills and high technical qualifications. Together, this ensures that your company receives a further significant advantage when filling important vacancies.

We find professionally experienced candidates from middle and senior management. There can be various motivations behind the desire to change: a regional change, more (personal) responsibility, another career step or the enhancement of personal and professional experience.
We examine candidates in detail in terms of their career and their motivation and present you with strong applicant profiles.

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