The expertise of overseas returnees and international professionals is more in demand in German-speaking countries than ever before.

The ARRIVER concept provides both German-speaking returnees and multinational professionals support for a successful corporate entry into the German economic region.

ARRIVER candidates benefit from our experience and network contacts in the industry and economy. Our service is aimed at professionals and managers in middle and senior management.

Departer – The German Headhunter: Arriver - overseas returnees and international professionals
We view the entire process of cooperation as a partnership with the common goal of implementing a successful change of job. The closer we work together, the faster and more targeted the result. If this sounds interesting to you, we will gladly receive your virtual application portfolio in the strictest confidence and in consideration of any restrictions.
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Your benefits at a glance:

  • Concealed job market: Positions are often not advertised for internal or competitive reasons. This eliminates the official application process. As part of our cooperation you receive an exclusive inside view of available positions – an invaluable advantage for qualified applicants.
  • Honest assessment: We advise you on the likely success of your application in advance. We reflect your application in the labour market and optimise your application activities.
  • Career focus review: We precisely position your application according to your abilities, wishes and long-term career planning.
  • Protection of reputation: we provide valuable information about positions without revealing your desire to change job. To this end we present your anonymised profile to decision-makers. We only present your complete application if further interest is shown and at your express request.
  • Time saving: While we identify appropriate market positions, you can concentrate on your current job. This saves valuable time and exclusively limits your application activities to promising positions.

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