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Interview: Senior Vice President of WIKA Shares Valuable Insights for German-speaking Companies to Establish Local Presence in Saudi Arabia’s Growing Economy

Are you a German-speaking company considering expanding your business into the Middle East? Keep an eye on Saudi Arabia, a rapidly growing economy with a business-friendly environment. But where do you begin?

Senior Vice President of […]

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Saudi Arabia Implements Saudization Ratios for Select Businesses in Procurement, Sales, Project Management and More

The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development (MHRSD) in Saudi Arabia has issued several decisions to implement Saudization ratios for select businesses in procurement and sales, project management, outlets providing services for shipping activities […]

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UAE Launches Industrialist Programme to Boost Emiratisation in Industrial Sector

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has recently launched a new initiative called the Industrialist Programme. This initiative boosts Emiratisation in the manufacturing and technology industry and improves local capacities.

The programme is a collaboration between the […]

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UAE Government: Emiratisation in Private Sector


The UAE cabinet has announced new Emiratisation regulations for private sector companies with at least 50 employees. The companies are now required to ensure that 3% of their workforce comprises Emiratis by the end of […]

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Emirati Employees in Private Sector Must Register for Pension and Social Security Systems

To be eligible for support from the Nafis programme, Emirati employees in the private sector must be registered in the pension and social security systems of the UAE, according to the Ministry of Human Resources […]

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Departer helps drive Emiratisation in the UAE







The Emiratisation initiative has been a key priority for the UAE government for several years, aimed at increasing the number of Emirati nationals in the workforce across various sectors. Our aim is to provide career […]

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