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The United Arab Emirates (“UAE”) has become a significant economic power in the Arab world. The country is well known for its political stability, a market-driven and liberal economic policy, a diversified economy and an excellent infrastructure, making it a promising market for you as a foreign manufacturer. To successfully distribute your products in the UAE, there are various options available. On the one hand, you can handle the marketing and sale of your products yourself by setting up your own company in the UAE. On the other hand, you can assign a local distribution partner. Regardless of which option you select, you should familiarise yourself with the legal, economic and cultural characteristics of the UAE. From our experience in dealing with distribution-related mandates, foreign manufacturers typically face the following five challenges in the UAE:

  • Challenge 1: Selecting the right distribution partner

  • Challenge 2: Negotiating effectively

  • Challenge 3: Concluding a balanced agreement

  • Challenge 4: Insisting on contractual compliance

  • Challenge 5: Terminating the contract

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